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Practical Folding Balcony

Practical Folding Balcony


If you have a small balcony in your home and you think the table will take up too much space , let's introduce you to the Balcony Table !

Balcony Table, which you can use by fixing it to the balcony iron or marble, offers the opportunity to adjust its height and angle as you wish. With its size of 40x80 cm, you can easily install and fix the Balcony Table, which is the ideal width for your balcony and does not take up space.

Balcony Table , which you will appreciate with its aesthetic and useful design , offers you the opportunity to spend pleasant hours on your balcony.

Balcony Table Technical Specifications

Table size: 40x80 cm

Table edges that do not cut hands with special curling system

Ability to adjust the height and angle according to the balcony structure

Adjustable fixing system for balcony iron and marble

Painted with electrostatic powder paint, stainless surface for a long time

Galvanized coated bolt nut connection

Easy to install

Aesthetic and useful design


    We believe in Clients being Comfortable & Confident with their Purchase:

    • Through Ani Decor's online shopping method, we enable you to reserve products for 3-Working-Days (T&C: Items Subject to Availability)
    • Once you are satisfied with your purchase by visiting the Showroom within 3-days of Order Confirmation, you can proceed to the Payment Counter 
    • Present your ID Card and Order Confirmation
    • Should you be interested in our Delivery & Installation Service (at extra charge), please advise the Sales Representative to assist you further and add charges to your invoice 
    • Once Invoice confirmed you may proceed ahead with your Payment
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