Kemer Bedroom

Kemer Bedroom


Wardrobe - 100W x 220H x 100D (CM)
Bedstead - 169W x 37H x 215D (CM)

Dresser with Mirror - 108W x 81H x 45D (CM)
Dresser Mirror - 76W x 96H x 85D (CM)

Nightstand - 60W x 44H x 46D (CM)

Headboard - 169W x 120H x 15D (CM)


W = Width 
H = Height 
D = Depth


It gives life to modern touches with the simplicity of its lines, handle details appealing to the eye and its stylish cap. Providing a warm and comfortable sleep experience, Kemer Bedroom provides integrity with its functional features. The mirror designed in accordance with the concept provides user comfort, considering the sliding mechanism of the sliding cabinet and the stylish harmony of the head with the product.


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