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Balcony Aluminum With Habger

Balcony Aluminum With Habger


Trying to dry clothes when you are working / not at home or there is no space on your balcony creates complete chaos! The laundry hanging over the doors and the radiators makes your home look completely messy. Or, above all, you may not hang your laundry that smells clean to protect it from dust and stink outside. Aluminum Balcony Drying Rack is all you need ! Aluminum Balcony Drying Rack, you can easily dry your laundry in your home environment without worrying about getting dirty again.

Aluminum Balcony Drying Rack, which has a useful design , allows you to hang approximately 10 meters of laundry. Drying Rack, which never harms your laundry, your laundry dries away from stains and dust in the safe environment of your home.


  • It is easy to use and can be folded.
  • It should be stored in dry and moisture-free environments.
  • Items more than 5 kg should not be hung.
  • It should not be wiped with hard and liquid chemicals.
  • It is not suitable for drying items such as carpets, rugs, blankets.
  • It has a laundry hanging capacity of 10 m.

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